For the first time in 2 years I am absolutely, positively at home ALONE! It’s Midsummer in Sweden and the rest of the family is on its way to a party. You might think being on my lonesome could be fun or nice or both, but somehow it just isn’t.

Could it be because I have to go to work?  I’m trying hard to remember who wrote something about wanting people with a lot of responsibility for human lives (such as pilots and doctors) to be happy, rested, well-paid people. Al Franken? Michael Moore?

What I’m trying to say here is that if that is the kind of person you want to meet in the ER, try not to go there on a major holiday, because there you will meet an unhappy, badly-paid nurse. Not that you will ever know this, because nurses tend to be experts at concealing such feelings as we are all possessed by the very spirit of Florence Nightingale. We do like to stick you with needles, though.

Almost forgot. Reason for bad sleep? How about a 3 year old with a cold who coughs at night as if she’d been chain smoking for 60 years?