Nurse Angry has been sleeping better recently which in itself may necessitate a change of name for her and the blog. Good sleep is worth more than any anger management course. So Nurse Angry is now neither sleepless nor angry. What is the world coming to?

At work today Nurse Angry had her first session for 2 years giving advice to people who did NOT belong in the ER. During that time she:

*managed to accidentally press the emergency alarm button under the desk pretty much immediately

*probably avoided misusing/abusing the journal system, though she has to admit she’s not sure she wrote the right stuff in the right place

*met 2 men named Gilbert within an hour of each other

*bothered most of the doctors at medicine and surgery but in the interest of human decency left orthopedics alone (they have enough problems as it is)

*redirected a 30-something someone who not only had their mother with them but also had a surprise case of VD- I would like to be a fly on the wall when the new partner introduced to dear old Mom

*received health and beauty advice from a rather insane person who spent the first half of his visit lying yelling on the floor of the reception area surrounded by security personnel and the second terrorizing staff and patients inside the ER. The abovementioned advice appeared to have been given to Nurse Angry as a token of thanks for a cup of coffee with THREE sugars in it (and he’s giving the advice?)

*had time to marvel at the sheer variety of human beings and their various mental states and behavioral quirks (and I’m not just talking about the patients)

What a day.