Nurse Angry was amused to see a pair of underpants thumbtacked to the bulletin board at nursery school. We should do that at work. Funny!

Today’s theme in the ER: swollen extremities! What fun! In fact, it’s so funny I’m not going to tell you anything about it.

It was interesting to order a Mongolian interpreter (by phone) and then hear Mongolian spoken.  You just can’t understand even a single word. Funny!


Let me tell you what was not funny today.

What is NOT funny is when people ignore their diabetes for about 10 years. That is not funny at all.

Black toes with gangrene are not funny either. Unless you are gangrene, but I don’t know anyone who is.

And going home 20 minutes late is not very funny either. But considering all the fun I had at work today…