Yesterday, Nurse Angry had a  perfect ending to a perfect 5-month period of work!

The Thursday evening shift started at 2 P.M., but  Nurse Angry for some reason thought it started at 1 and arrived then. Great start! Suffering and anger before work even begins, self-inflicted to boot!

Luckily the doctor in her team was already there, so she could start work anyway and get paid for that hour. Saved.

The evening that followed gave Nurse Angry a headache. Primarily because of a person who yelled “Help!” over and over again for all of the hours they were there and an indoor temperature worthy of  Calcutta in July. Yes, it was a truly warm and wonderful mix of urinary catheters, festering sores, people peeing on the floor, as well as someone under the influence who kept trying to get up and managed to do a few interesting yoga positions with head between gurney and wall, and another with stomach pain because of repeatedly eating too much and making themselves throw up. There was also a very cute person born in 1915 wearing what looked like clothes from the 40’s  who had the voice of a lilliputian and remembered the name of EVERYONE  in the ER and EVERYTHING that was said to her. That is, the stuff she could hear. Which was almost everything.

To sum up:

Don’t underestimate old people.

A little pee-pee  on your shoes won’t kill ya.

Hooray for ibuprofen and Ben and Jerry’s Coconutterly Fantastic ice cream.

Nurse Angry loves her job! But now, a short vacation.