My milfshake brings all the boys to the yard... Nurse Angry got up early this morning and was shocked into consciousness by this ad on page 3 of a major Swedish newspaper. She is trying to picture opening the New York Times and finding the same thing there.

You know how everyone in the US is trying to sell stuff by telling you it’s Swedish or European, or whatever? Here it’s the same thing, only it sells sooooo much better if you sell it in English. Swedish ears and eyes do not find  MILF to be crude.

Is this funny?

Very possibly. Nurse Angry is feeling old and prudish, and that’s just as it should be.

On the facing page is an article about how old people at a nursing home get too little food too early in the evening. Since they go to bed hungry, they can’t sleep. So they’re given sleeping pills.

Is that funny? It’s hilarious. This is Sweden, the welfare model for the world.