Nurse Angry did not leave the ER on time today. Again.

Nurse Angry does not know exactly what enrages her so desperately about this situation.

Maybe it’s because it happens too often.  Maybe it’s because such stupid, time-consuming and infuriating things happen 5 minutes before it’s time to go home. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t get PAID for those extra minutes unless they add up to 30 or more and she’s crashed her real life. Maybe it’s because before and after each shift she has to take time to change her clothes and doesn’t get paid for those minutes. Maybe it’s because her leg hurts where she banged it on her bicycle. Maybe it’s because she got woken up at 6:30 again by the garbage collectors. Maybe it’s because nothing funny at all happened at work today and she needed to create personal drama.

Or maybe, just maybe it’s because she’s a genetically angry person.

The one satisfying thing Nurse Angry got to do today was to tell the policeman who had parked himself in front of her computer to MOVE!