An interesting bit of Nurse Angry trivia: the angry part of Nurse Angry actually has nothing to do with the health care system, her employer, nasty co-workers or grouchy, unthankful patients. Nurse Angry became Nurse Angry when she did not sleep for  a year and a half.

Last night a new phrase was coined at Nurse Angry ‘s house: As quiet as a …..(put name of teenager here).

One of the household’s teenagers went to a nearby friend’s house where there most probably is a BIGGER  screen for playing games on. Teenager promised when leaving to be back before midnight and to be as quiet as a …… when coming back, as The Old People’s bedroom door is next to the outside door.

Imagine partner’s surprise when the doorbell rings.

Nurse Angry does not know if Teenager came home on time. The only important thing is that Nurse Angry did NOT wake up! A miracle! Made possible only by the magical power of silicone. Thank you, Mack, wherever you are for making those wonderful, “pillow-soft” earplugs. They have literally saved lives– of the people Nurse Angry would have strangled had she been been woken. Nurse Angry should have invested in silicone because there would at least be a possibility of some return on her formidable investments in these rather costly, highly necessary quality items.

Which leads Nurse Angry to today’s  handy tip for teens: Remember kids, if you’re going to sneak in quietly you might want to remember to take your keys with you.