…than eat the vegetarian food on offer at Skansen, the open-air museum in Stockholm

After riding the little train around Skansen, 3-year old and Nurse Angry needed lunch. Nurse Angry and 3-year old have been at Skansen many times recently because thanks to grandma and grandpa they have a season’s pass (1 year for 450 kr, that’s a lot of moose poop for your money). So Nurse Angry had already eyeballed the menu at Skansen Terrassen and found this promising dish:

Grilled Mediterranean cheese with bulgur salad and grilled vegetables, served with lemon & honey yoghurt 

Sounds good, right? Nurse Angry would now like you to make a mental picture of this in your head. The tender, melt-in-your-mouth cheese with a crisp, newly grilled surface, the warm bulgur salad decked with colorful, flavorful and healthy veggies glistening with olive oil, the creamy dollop of yoghurt sauce…mmmmm!

Think again, because this is what was handed to her:

Where's the garbage can? Oh wait, I paid over 100 crowns for this and I'm really hungry.

There was a cold, stiff piece of cheese. It tasted like Velveeta, which Nurse Angry could have forgiven had it not required a steak knife to cut. It made the term rigor mortis come to life for Nurse Angry. The pile of bulgur tasted as bulgur usually does, but it was cold and Nurse Angry counted 2 pieces of onion and 3 pieces of bell pepper. The puddle of sauce was not attractive but was at least tasty in a vaguely dish-detergent way. The pea shoots were the only real bit of color.

Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers. And 3-year old loved her meatballs with potatoes, sauce and lingonberry jam. So it wasn’t a total washout. Unfortunately, they had to move inside after being visited repeatedly by hungry wasps attracted by this elegant smorgasbord. Nurse Angry did a GREAT job of pretending NOT to be scared of the wasps!

So, for tourists (vegetarians and carnivores alike) in the Skansen area Nurse Angry recommends 2 favorites and a reluctant third alternative. All with gardens:

Blå Porten http://www.blaporten.com/

Flickorna Helin Voltaire www.helinvoltaire.com/cafe.html

If you have a BIG, wide-open wallet with money just bursting out and a not-too-large appetite, this old standard is still going strong

Rosendals Trädgårds Kafé http://www.rosendalstradgard.se/section.php?id=0000000003

Recently at Rosendal Nurse Angry’s significant other ate a chicken dish that he could not praise too highly. If you knew how much chicken in various forms this person consumes in a year you would understand that it was seriously tasty. And if you were a chicken, you would run for your life.