Nothing upsets Nurse Angry more than bad Chinese food, and she is not alone.  Apparently you can find it in the strangest places. Once Nurse Angry went to a Thai restaurant in Stockholm with a friend whose mother is Chinese and father Japanese. Friend looked  around suspiciously and said “I hope this is not fake Chinese food”.

Nurse Angry recommends that you takes no chances in Stockholm. Head straight to Ho’s on Hornsgatan. Ho’s is always very busy, and unfortunately some of the people working there do not  have adequate coping skills. Or Nurse Angry should say fortunately, because there is almost always some unintended humor included in a visit there.

Once a staff member looked at us on arrival, eyes wide with panic, as though there would never, ever be a free table ever again, only to have the owner (well, he is at least the manager) seat us within 30 seconds. You have never seen anyone make as many saves as this manager guy does. He is extremely (but no overly) friendly and has total control over everything. As soon as any member of staff makes a mistake, and believe me they do, he is there to deal with the situation. He deserves a medal for Best Chinese Restaurant Manager in the Known Universe.  He should probably have been a soccer goalie. Or a politician. Or at very least a neurosurgeon. Who knows, maybe he just does the restaurant stuff in his spare time?

Most recently:

Waiter comes to table.

Three-year old: I want a hamburger.

Waiter does not react in the slightest.

Me: Sweetie, this is a Chinese restaurant, they don’t have hamburgers. Or maybe they do but it’s not on the menu.

Waiter does not give a suggestion for suitable dish. Waiter looks at Three-year old as though he has never seen a child before in his life.

Nurse Angry scans menu, finds no ground beef products on offer, orders a fried rice dish with chicken and pineapple. Three-year old seems happy. Waiter’s emotions…unknown.

Nurse Angry recommends number 17, the fried tofu with vegetables in black bean sauce. Biiiiig portion! Spicy! You will have no vampire trouble after eating this dish. If you go with a friend who likes chicken,  this dish is available in a poultry variation. One summer Nurse Angry went there with S in sweaty clothes after doing a Friskis&Svettis class in the park. Nobody seemed to mind.