why an employer might think you would want to see this on your break, or even just when relieving yourself?

In case you need to give CPR while sitting on the toilet

Well, that would be the same place of employment where you didn’t even have time to eat this:

The carrot that got away

Nurse Angry carried that carrot to work and back home again. 3-year old ate part of it. Nurse Angry has  discovered that when doing CPR it is in fact better to count compressions in your mother tongue. Otherwise, you can get a tiny bit mixed up. One thing’s for sure: 19 does not come after 13 in ANY language. Nurse Angry challenges you to count out loud in another language when under pressure, or when very physically tired. Such as toward the end of a shift or a demanding jympa class. If you don’t know what jympa is, Nurse Angry orders  you to Google it.

And by the way, could someone make a guess what this could possibly be? Nurse Angry spotted it on the ceiling of her dining room. She doesn’t think it was there when she moved in. 2,4 meters up.

And just WHO is going to clean this up?