What’s the deal with the pink clothes for little girls?

And if they’re not pink, they’re cutesy. Nurse Angry is disturbed. Many if not most of the clothes we have been lent or given (thank you) by other people are in different nuances of pink.  Nurse Angry doesn’t have anything against the color pink. Some of her best friends are pink. For example, Nurse Angry loves flamingos.

Does this pink fixation stem from a fear that we will not be able to see who is a boy and who is a girl? Recently, when buying a few items of children’s clothing, Nurse Angry mentioned to the salesperson that she was trying hard to avoid buying anything pink for her daughter, which was not proving  easy. Salesperson said that every other customer said the same thing. Nurse Angry now shops in the boys department for things like pajamas and socks to avoid the pink princesses and puppies, etc. Three-year old loves her multicolored stripy pj’s and the ones with green and black monsters on them. Luckily, she doesn’t seem to understand that her garments should always be pink.

Thankfully, Three-year old  has a new favorite color every few days.  Sometimes it’s pink. Nurse Angry made the unfortunate mistake of taking Three-year old with  her to return a black jacket that was the wrong size.  Readers have already understood what color jacket we came home with. Most irritating is that Three-year old is obsessed with tights and leggings. This inexplicable personal mania  has now been extended to include Nurse Angry. “Mamma, tomorrow you can wear leggings”.

Only if they’re black 😉