STILLEBEN MED GLIDSLEM / STILL LIFE WITH LUBRICANT A direct translation of the Swedish "glidslem" might be "glide slime"



This stunning still-life is just one example of what Nurse Angry has identified as Spontaneous Hospital Art, a subgenre to the more easily identifiable group of works known as Hideous Public Art Nobody Asked For. This piece could be seen in an examining room at the ER. Here, a plastic orchid in repose on a cotton doily, harmonizing beautifully with an open bottle of surgical lubricant. Notice the maximum effect of this bold splash of red in an otherwise grim health care setting. See how both objects appear to be leaning in the same direction, which, coincidentally, is in the direction of the door.

Nurse Angry’s Art Interpretation class, lesson 1. A timely reminder to the modern man in the true spirit of Ferdinand: Don’t forget to stop to smell the flowers while having your prostate examined.