Thanks to a most kind reader by the name of Carey, Nurse Angry  discovered to her horror that she has neglected her blog for more than a year.  Neglect is a Very Bad Thing.  A neglected patient is a dead patient. Or at least an angry patient. And we can’t have any angry patients, can we?

If this blog was a houseplant, even a cactus, it would have kicked the bucket long ago. The main reason for her major blog neglect is that Nurse Angry  SWITCHED JOBS. So she now can send reports from the fast and furious front of primary care.  You think that was a joke, right? She is in fact sitting on the proverbial gold mine of ideas. In the ER, yes, people complained, mostly about having to wait. Telling them they don’t want to be the person who gets immediate treatment because that means they may actually be sick for real did not always make Nurse Angry popular. But it was hard to take these complaints seriously as Nurse Angry usually had something more pressing vying for her  attention. Blah blah blah, I’ll see you in an hour, maybe two. Find something to read or play with your iPhone like everyone else.

The truth is,  you have not seen angry patients until you have worked in primary care. Because when someone has a really REALLY sore throat they have a LOT of energy to find stuff to complain about and give orders.