Nurse Angry knows this is not as entertaining as So you think you can dance, but it could save your life.

Nurse Angry can be serious.

So you think you know how to wash your hands?

Because from what she sees around town (and Nurse Angry IS watching), pretty much nobody does. A few years back, when everyone was scared of getting swine flu, people were washing and disinfecting their hands (and their children’s hands) with true zeal. And guess what? All other kinds of infectious diseases were reduced that winter.

Think Michael Jackson was kooky with his white gloves? Nurse Angry would like to add that regardless of how often you wash your hands you do have to keep touching stuff. So. Don’t. Touch. Your. Face. Especially not your nose. Ever. Got it?

And if you pick your nose please wash your hands. Nurse Angry will send a complimentary nail brush to the first reader who sends a picture of themselves mid-pick.61QW8TAKZVL

So here’s the deal, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention):

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