Nurse Angry is back!

Sort of.

The ever hopeful and encouraging Carey kindly pointed out recently that Nurse Angry hadn’t written a blog post in three (3) years. Nurse Angry is not ashamed!

Ok, well, maybe a little. She is definitely a bad blogger.

Instead of a long-winded analysis of some random happening, Nurse Angry will now tell you a story.

Once upon a time, NA had a colleague in the orchestra who told her that someone had called her a bad violinist. Upon reflection, this wise woman answered by saying that she would rather people think she was a bad violinist than a bad mother. Now this is not the time or place for NA to expound upon her own maternal shortcomings (though it may come later as a blog post called “Nurse Angry doesn’t really like children all that much”, which would not be strictly true, but might be fun to write about). NA will content herself with agreeing to her colleague’s general assessment of the situation, and can only say that since she stopped playing in the orchestra she would rather be called a bad blogger than a bad mother.

But why be just a bad blogger when there are so many other things that it’s fun to be bad at?

You could be a bad public speaker, a bad cook, a bad driver, bad neighbor, or an all-round bad egg. And that’s just for starters.

Nurse Angry highly recommends being a Bad Feminist. It’s more fun and she is one herself. For more on this subject please see Roxane Gay’s book with that very name. While you’re at it you can read her novel An Untamed State and short story collection Ayiti. Nurse Angry had the privilege of being present when Roxane Gay was in Stockholm this spring. She’s a lady worth listening to!

You could also concentrate on having a bad attitude, bad luck, bad credit, a bad sunburn, bad teeth, a bad sense of direction, a bad hair day or any number of bad habits. As Nurse Angry works at the office of an ENT specialist, here’s one she can particularly recommend:

Nurse Angry was tempted to sign off with a bad pun or a bad knock-knock joke. But that would be a bad idea.

Bad karma, anyone?