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What is going on? TWO posts from Nurse Angry in one day?

Well, Nurse Angry admires Dr. Jason Fung, and was moved to comment on his most recent blog post, so here it is. She was reminded of something Nina Teicholz wrote in “The Big Fat Surprise”:

“Despite his other successes, being on the unpopular side of the cholesterol debate made a bitter man of George Mann. As he approached retirement in the late 1970s, a tone of torment crept into his papers. An article he wrote in 1977 began: ‘A generation of research on the diet-heart question has ended in disarray,’ and he called the diet-heart hypothesis a ‘misguided and fruitless preoccupation.”

I guess the big fat surprise for all of us here is that nobody seems to be listening, and it’s really unclear why. When I started reading up on nutrition a few years ago I felt like an idiot. How could I not have known the things I was finding out? I’m a nurse! And I’m interested in nutrition! How embarrassing. But since then I’ve realized the enormity of the task in front of us. I’m trying not to be bitter, but it’s hard. Especially the cancer thing makes me furious. Such a waste.

Yesterday I had the good fortune to attend a very small seminar with some heavyweight speakers where the topic was “A healthier Sweden”. The first map posted here was shown and the speakers talked about the focus on DM 2-why?, an app to help people become physically active, youth in chosen areas being empowered by sport, community and taking responsibility, how much liberty a school can take in promoting health, public health seen through the eyes of national insurance and the whole insurance system, and more. It was all very interesting, but not once was diet discussed. The only times it showed up at all were in 2 single lines on sugar on the pages of 2 different powerpoint presentations which were SKIPPED OVER because of time constraints.

We can’t give up!


Thanks to a most kind reader by the name of Carey, Nurse Angry  discovered to her horror that she has neglected her blog for more than a year.  Neglect is a Very Bad Thing.  A neglected patient is a dead patient. Or at least an angry patient. And we can’t have any angry patients, can we?

If this blog was a houseplant, even a cactus, it would have kicked the bucket long ago. The main reason for her major blog neglect is that Nurse Angry  SWITCHED JOBS. So she now can send reports from the fast and furious front of primary care.  You think that was a joke, right? She is in fact sitting on the proverbial gold mine of ideas. In the ER, yes, people complained, mostly about having to wait. Telling them they don’t want to be the person who gets immediate treatment because that means they may actually be sick for real did not always make Nurse Angry popular. But it was hard to take these complaints seriously as Nurse Angry usually had something more pressing vying for her  attention. Blah blah blah, I’ll see you in an hour, maybe two. Find something to read or play with your iPhone like everyone else.

The truth is,  you have not seen angry patients until you have worked in primary care. Because when someone has a really REALLY sore throat they have a LOT of energy to find stuff to complain about and give orders.