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Apparently Nurse Angry’s penchant for clarinet music is not a provocative subject. Either that or nobody is paying attention, which is a more likely explanation.

Now for something almost completely different.
Nurse Angry led a  jympa class the other day and had to endure the  same ugly discussion about volume. According to the one person who complained, it was too loud and was the first time ever that she needed to use earplugs. Nurse Angry finds this hard to believe. And instead of thanking Nurse Angry for a new experience (Nurse Angry has herself used earplugs on occasion- don’t forget them if you are at all hungover and go to a class) she seemed…angry. Which Nurse Angry could at least relate to.

There are rules for volume at Friskis&Svettis. If you actually read them you will see that  it is ok for the ear to be yellow. And if it  blips up on red or even is red for a while it does not mean that your hearing is  being destroyed. If you complain because the ear is sometimes red you will AT BEST bore the leader. Green is not a sign that the music is ok, it just means that the hall is full of Swedish people who are not talking to each other. Nurse Angry has seriously considered saying when she thinks the music level is too low at other people’s classes, but decided it was not a friendly thing to do.

Nurse Angry would like to make a statement, just in case anybody out there is paying attention:

She likes it loud. As loud as is permitted. The energy necessary to inspire other people to jump around and sweat comes from THE MUSIC.

And when it comes to jympa, don’t just like it. Love it or hate it. If you love it, come back, if you hate it, go to a different class.

Just so you know, after that ONE person complained, THREE said they thought the volume was perfect. So there.

Nurse Angry is back on the reading track after a long break during parental leave with the sleep problems that followed. She would now like to recommend Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. You do NOT have to be interested in running to like this book as it is more about human nature than anything else. It is full of anecdotes and facts about long distance running that you didn’t know you wanted to know. Introducing the Tarahumara indians of Mexico, the world’s greatest distance runners. They run in sandals. In the Copper Canyons, a truly fascinating place on Earth that you will never visit if you have any common sense. Nurse Angry hastens to add that she has not yet finished the book, but at the halfway mark she is so entertained that even if the second half is crap  it would still have been worth reading. Nurse Angry does not find it to be  a major literary achievement but a genuinely fun book.

So why is this a grudging recommendation?

Did you see The Devil Wears Prada? Like it? Nurse Angry did. But it had the unfortunate effect of making Nurse Angry feel like life was a cocktail party to which she was wearing frayed cutoff jeans with a hole in the butt and an oversized t-shirt.

Born to Run is currently making Nurse Angry feel very, very lazy indeed. What is wrong with her that she does not run ultramarathons in her bare feet? She enjoyed jogging lazily through the 80s and 90s until a knee problem led her to first do nothing, then to start at Friskis&Svettis (which is a whole other story). Nurse Angry started running again a few years ago, but does not even like it all that much these days. As the parent of a small child it’s the ONLY way to get exercise on many days. Jog home from work. Get from A to B and sweat a little. Period.  Nurse Angry has however noticed that she is a better jogger these days. And the other day she saw an older woman ahead of her who was running quite well. Nurse Angry decided to catch up and run past her. At the same time, she noticed that she probably could run at that faster speed for quite a long time. If she wasn’t so lazy, that is.

According to the back cover the author finds his own inner ultra-athlete. Nurse Angry is hopeful.

And if the book makes you feel as lazy as Nurse Angry, you can always go to see Lars von Trier’s latest film Melancholia. Guaranteed to make you feel it’s great just to be alive!