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Aside from the fact that it is a bad photo. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Actually, there are probably quite a few things wrong with this picture, but seriously, what’s with that SIGN? The one that looks like it’s hanging by a thread.  On the filthy wall. On the building housing Fastighetskontoret- the offices in charge of real estate owned by the city. Nurse Angry is not kidding.

Take a closer look.IMG_0247

Note the nice little bit of raw concrete above the top of the sign- sign must’ve slid down a little, right? No. That is the way it’s supposed to be. Tilted.

Yes, that sign with the sickening slogan “Stockholm. The Capital of Scandinavia.” How uptight, smug and self-absorbed can a slogan be? Nurse Angry gets, well, ANGRY every time she bikes past it.
What was wrong with “Beauty on water”? It was at least true. Nurse Angry even prefers “The Venice of the North” and that’s a pretty appalling statement.

Luckily the perfect antidote is right around the corner. Nurse Angry recommends going immediately a  few hundred meters to your left to have a look at Stockholm City Hall instead. Ahhh, lovely. Thank you Ragnar Östberg!


Mall mix

You’ve heard of trail mix.  Now, Nurse Angry proudly presents….

Mall mix for the holiday season

Created by a three-year old to give old folks the stamina to get through the Christmas rush in town. Don’t head out to the galleria without a bag of this in your pocket.

In a bowl combine:

1 small bag slightly sat-on potato chips

A few plump raisins

1 well-licked chocolate snowman (base only, please eat head first)

1 slightly nibbled white chocolate truffle (not pictured)

1 half-eaten mini milk chocolate bar

1 partly gnawed dark chocolate covered hazelnut

Stir carefully to desired consistency and eat with a fork until you can’t stand using it any more, fingers are then permitted.