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Apparently Nurse Angry’s penchant for clarinet music is not a provocative subject. Either that or nobody is paying attention, which is a more likely explanation.

Now for something almost completely different.
Nurse Angry led a  jympa class the other day and had to endure the  same ugly discussion about volume. According to the one person who complained, it was too loud and was the first time ever that she needed to use earplugs. Nurse Angry finds this hard to believe. And instead of thanking Nurse Angry for a new experience (Nurse Angry has herself used earplugs on occasion- don’t forget them if you are at all hungover and go to a class) she seemed…angry. Which Nurse Angry could at least relate to.

There are rules for volume at Friskis&Svettis. If you actually read them you will see that  it is ok for the ear to be yellow. And if it  blips up on red or even is red for a while it does not mean that your hearing is  being destroyed. If you complain because the ear is sometimes red you will AT BEST bore the leader. Green is not a sign that the music is ok, it just means that the hall is full of Swedish people who are not talking to each other. Nurse Angry has seriously considered saying when she thinks the music level is too low at other people’s classes, but decided it was not a friendly thing to do.

Nurse Angry would like to make a statement, just in case anybody out there is paying attention:

She likes it loud. As loud as is permitted. The energy necessary to inspire other people to jump around and sweat comes from THE MUSIC.

And when it comes to jympa, don’t just like it. Love it or hate it. If you love it, come back, if you hate it, go to a different class.

Just so you know, after that ONE person complained, THREE said they thought the volume was perfect. So there.

After a prolonged absence due mostly to illness, Nurse Angry writes again, this time with a terrible confession.

Walking to work one day, Nurse Angry had a classical radio station on and was entertained by the sweet strains of Brahms’ Double Concerto for violin and cello. Or at least what she could hear through the sound of passing traffic. Following Brahms was a piece of organ music. Nurse Angry does not care who wrote organ music or who is playing it. It all goes under the same category. It reminds her of her youth when a program called Pipe Dreams would come on NPR and even Nurse Angry’s mother would turn the radio off. Nurse Angry’s whole family is highly allergic to organ music, it makes our brains implode.

This time, Nurse Angry listened and the organ music was not all that bad. But it was bad enough that the piece that followed, a suite from a well-known musical played with a viola soloist, sounded good in comparison. After that things went from bad to worse. Or did they? Next up was the slow movement from Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto. Ugh, clarinet music! The only thing worse than clarinet music is more clarinet music. Or organ music. Or is it?

Nurse Angry has a confession to make: She is a closet clarinet fan.

Don’t tell anyone!

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