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Nurse Angry did not leave the ER on time today. Again.

Nurse Angry does not know exactly what enrages her so desperately about this situation.

Maybe it’s because it happens too often.  Maybe it’s because such stupid, time-consuming and infuriating things happen 5 minutes before it’s time to go home. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t get PAID for those extra minutes unless they add up to 30 or more and she’s crashed her real life. Maybe it’s because before and after each shift she has to take time to change her clothes and doesn’t get paid for those minutes. Maybe it’s because her leg hurts where she banged it on her bicycle. Maybe it’s because she got woken up at 6:30 again by the garbage collectors. Maybe it’s because nothing funny at all happened at work today and she needed to create personal drama.

Or maybe, just maybe it’s because she’s a genetically angry person.

The one satisfying thing Nurse Angry got to do today was to tell the policeman who had parked himself in front of her computer to MOVE!

What’s in a name?

Yesterday, Nurse Angry saw name patterns everywhere. At one point her own doctor-nurse team had 3 patients, Åke, Åke and Åke. Another team had Elsa and Elsy. A third had Gun, Gunvor and Gunnar. Spooky! Well, to be honest this situation is less spooky and more confusing. People with the same first name in Sweden tend to be from the same generation, so it’s easy to mix them up. First, the wrong Åke got transported to  x-ray. This did not impress the Åke who should have been picked up. Then the doctor wrote an x-ray referral for the wrong patient but discovered it in time. Nurse Angry is pretty sure that this would have meant that Annoyed Åke-who-should-have-gone-to-x-ray would have gone twice. She is also pretty sure that this would not have reduced his annoyance. Our team did not feel particularly professional at this time, but things did get better as we added a Peter (or was it a Patrik?) to our roster.

This was anyway better than a recent pattern- team 4 started the 9-16 shift with a swollen extremity. Then we got another. Number three we took for kind of for a laugh, but it was also that patient’s turn. By number four the other teams were feeling sorry for us. At three o’clock team 4 had some other types of patients, but was feeling verrrrrry sorry for itself, because swollen extremity=ultrasound to see if there’s a blockage. This is done in another department, so it can take a long time until they can be examined. Which means it can take a long time until we get the results. Since this type of patient is hardly going to drop dead, we let them go and do what they wanted. So they were pretty happy. But the chances of us actually being able to leave work on time were  bad…

Nurse Angry is reminded of another time when she worked on a geriatric ward and had a room with three patients with the same last name. Something like Gunnel Johansson, Gunvor Johansson and Gunhild Johansson. As she recalls, not one of these charming old ladies was completely clear in the head either, so she always had to check their ID-bracelets before doing ANYTHING. Nurse Angry had a scary week and was very thankful for the Swedish system of ID-numbers.

Just remember, readers: giving insulin to the wrong patient is not only dangerous, it’s just plain bad manners.

This poor banana's life could unfortunately not be saved

Nurse Angry went out to get some oxygen flasks and found this casualty right outside the ambulance entrance. She is unfortunately untrained in CPR for tropical fruit, so it was left to die in peace.  Notice the stream of unidentifiable liquid. If you are like Nurse Angry you will automatically assume that it is urine at best. Remember, in the hospital you don’t touch anything without gloves on. In fact, you shouldn’t touch anything at all if you don’t have to.

Nurse Angry would like to remind readers that getting old is dangerous because you might die. She would also like to beg you not to start doing heroin because it may seem like a fun idea at the time, but it does not turn you into a better person.

Nurse Angry has for the first time in her nursing career met a really, really big arm. It was of course attached to a rather large person. A comforting reminder of her original home and big people in the USA, but it was totally impossible to take the patient’s blood pressure. Nurse Angry sees something new EVERY DAY. What a great job!

This blood pressure cuff is meant for wrapping around a thigh. Can you imagine the arm that this wouldn’t wrap around?



Pictured: Nurse Angry’s own mighty arm.

Fuzzy reality in the ER

Yesterday, Nurse Angry had a  perfect ending to a perfect 5-month period of work!

The Thursday evening shift started at 2 P.M., but  Nurse Angry for some reason thought it started at 1 and arrived then. Great start! Suffering and anger before work even begins, self-inflicted to boot!

Luckily the doctor in her team was already there, so she could start work anyway and get paid for that hour. Saved.

The evening that followed gave Nurse Angry a headache. Primarily because of a person who yelled “Help!” over and over again for all of the hours they were there and an indoor temperature worthy of  Calcutta in July. Yes, it was a truly warm and wonderful mix of urinary catheters, festering sores, people peeing on the floor, as well as someone under the influence who kept trying to get up and managed to do a few interesting yoga positions with head between gurney and wall, and another with stomach pain because of repeatedly eating too much and making themselves throw up. There was also a very cute person born in 1915 wearing what looked like clothes from the 40’s  who had the voice of a lilliputian and remembered the name of EVERYONE  in the ER and EVERYTHING that was said to her. That is, the stuff she could hear. Which was almost everything.

To sum up:

Don’t underestimate old people.

A little pee-pee  on your shoes won’t kill ya.

Hooray for ibuprofen and Ben and Jerry’s Coconutterly Fantastic ice cream.

Nurse Angry loves her job! But now, a short vacation.

Nurse Angry has been sleeping better recently which in itself may necessitate a change of name for her and the blog. Good sleep is worth more than any anger management course. So Nurse Angry is now neither sleepless nor angry. What is the world coming to?

At work today Nurse Angry had her first session for 2 years giving advice to people who did NOT belong in the ER. During that time she:

*managed to accidentally press the emergency alarm button under the desk pretty much immediately

*probably avoided misusing/abusing the journal system, though she has to admit she’s not sure she wrote the right stuff in the right place

*met 2 men named Gilbert within an hour of each other

*bothered most of the doctors at medicine and surgery but in the interest of human decency left orthopedics alone (they have enough problems as it is)

*redirected a 30-something someone who not only had their mother with them but also had a surprise case of VD- I would like to be a fly on the wall when the new partner introduced to dear old Mom

*received health and beauty advice from a rather insane person who spent the first half of his visit lying yelling on the floor of the reception area surrounded by security personnel and the second terrorizing staff and patients inside the ER. The abovementioned advice appeared to have been given to Nurse Angry as a token of thanks for a cup of coffee with THREE sugars in it (and he’s giving the advice?)

*had time to marvel at the sheer variety of human beings and their various mental states and behavioral quirks (and I’m not just talking about the patients)

What a day.