Old kettle relishing its last moments in our kitchen. New kettle lurking like Darth Vader in the background.

Nurse Angry is not only a year older, she is also disgruntled. In case anyone wonders why this blog is called sleeplessinstockholm, Nurse Angry will once again shed some light on the subject. Being woken up in the middle of the night by a grouchy, whiny three-year old who needs to pee, being kept awake by manic thumb sucking, and then getting woken up again at 5:30 on your birthday does not make for a happy nurse or mother.

Today Nurse Angry wants to tell you a story. It’s a very short but fantastic kitchen appliance tale about age making no difference. It’s based on a true story. In fact, it IS a true story about quality British goods.

The Russell Hobbs kettle seen in the foreground of this photograph was recently retired after 2o years of use. Yes, you read correctly, TWENTY YEARS! Bought in England in 1991. She still worked fine, she was just looking a bit tatty, and who wouldn’t after 20 years of daily service. The little light showing you the kettle is on still worked!

Nurse Angry moved the old dear down to the basement storage space where she currently waits to go to Kettle Heaven, a land of 3% milk and honey where the water is soft, the teabags are strong, plump and plentiful, and there is a bottomless jar of Hobnobs. Or chocolate chip cookies (with dried cranberries and hazlenuts). Or cake. Whatever.

Mr. Cocky New Cordless Kettle, aka Darth Vader, also a Russell Hobbs has now taken up residence and flaunts its youth, bossing the espresso machine around as if it owned the place. It works ALMOST as well as its aged predecessor. Nurse Angry asks you: What can we learn from this?