Ringing in 2017 with some slightly irritated curiosity rather than anger for a change.

Today’s Nurse Angry question is: how on Earth did it get to be that people 20+ years old (dare Nurse Angry write the word millenial?) have their mothers (or occasionally fathers) call to make doctors’ appointments for them?

Nurse Angry cannot judge whether someone should see the doctor today, this week or in a month when the information she needs is filtered through Mom. When Nurse Angry says this, Mom will explain that her grown up baby has given her permission to call, and is often unable to understand that the gatekeeper needs to speak with the person with the symptoms.

For a greater understanding of the millenial phenomenon there is this entertaining article from the Guardian:


Or check out Dana Carvey’s Netflix special Straight white male, 60. There’s a short but priceless impression of a helpless millenial and the rest of it is pretty darn funny too.

In Nurse Angry’s experience there are a few more unfair but funny descriptions for this group.

“The convenience people”: they come to the ER with their foot blisters or hangovers because it’s open 24/7, or because they were walking by, or because they haven’t bothered to figure out that blisters are not life-threatening. Or because they think they ARE life-threatening.

“The people who almost never leave the house”: (also known as “the people who sleep during the day and play games or watch random stuff on YouTube all night” or “the people who can’t get up in the morning”). These folks will actually tell you that they can’t come to the doctor before noon because they have to sleep. They appear to live their lives almost exclusively through their various devices and don’t seem to have many actual friends to meet up with. And they can never actually decide on a time and place to meet up anyway, so why bother? On the plus side, they are super fast at writing with both their thumbs.

“The people who think everyone else should care about their personal problems”. Nurse Angry assumes this needs no further explanation. They are closely  related to “the people who would rather take a pill than make the necessary changes in their life/lifestyle to regain/improve their health”.

“The helpless people”. A cold, a bad grade or getting dumped by their partner will knock them out of commission for a few months.

There are plenty of people Nurse Angry meets through work who she seriously wonders how they manage in life. Happy New Year to them, and to all the rest of you, and please: make your own appointments.