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What is going on? TWO posts from Nurse Angry in one day?

Well, Nurse Angry admires Dr. Jason Fung, and was moved to comment on his most recent blog post, so here it is. She was reminded of something Nina Teicholz wrote in “The Big Fat Surprise”:

“Despite his other successes, being on the unpopular side of the cholesterol debate made a bitter man of George Mann. As he approached retirement in the late 1970s, a tone of torment crept into his papers. An article he wrote in 1977 began: ‘A generation of research on the diet-heart question has ended in disarray,’ and he called the diet-heart hypothesis a ‘misguided and fruitless preoccupation.”

I guess the big fat surprise for all of us here is that nobody seems to be listening, and it’s really unclear why. When I started reading up on nutrition a few years ago I felt like an idiot. How could I not have known the things I was finding out? I’m a nurse! And I’m interested in nutrition! How embarrassing. But since then I’ve realized the enormity of the task in front of us. I’m trying not to be bitter, but it’s hard. Especially the cancer thing makes me furious. Such a waste.

Yesterday I had the good fortune to attend a very small seminar with some heavyweight speakers where the topic was “A healthier Sweden”. The first map posted here was shown and the speakers talked about the focus on DM 2-why?, an app to help people become physically active, youth in chosen areas being empowered by sport, community and taking responsibility, how much liberty a school can take in promoting health, public health seen through the eyes of national insurance and the whole insurance system, and more. It was all very interesting, but not once was diet discussed. The only times it showed up at all were in 2 single lines on sugar on the pages of 2 different powerpoint presentations which were SKIPPED OVER because of time constraints.

We can’t give up!


Ringing in 2017 with some slightly irritated curiosity rather than anger for a change.

Today’s Nurse Angry question is: how on Earth did it get to be that people 20+ years old (dare Nurse Angry write the word millenial?) have their mothers (or occasionally fathers) call to make doctors’ appointments for them?

Nurse Angry cannot judge whether someone should see the doctor today, this week or in a month when the information she needs is filtered through Mom. When Nurse Angry says this, Mom will explain that her grown up baby has given her permission to call, and is often unable to understand that the gatekeeper needs to speak with the person with the symptoms.

For a greater understanding of the millenial phenomenon there is this entertaining article from the Guardian:

Or check out Dana Carvey’s Netflix special Straight white male, 60. There’s a short but priceless impression of a helpless millenial and the rest of it is pretty darn funny too.

In Nurse Angry’s experience there are a few more unfair but funny descriptions for this group.

“The convenience people”: they come to the ER with their foot blisters or hangovers because it’s open 24/7, or because they were walking by, or because they haven’t bothered to figure out that blisters are not life-threatening. Or because they think they ARE life-threatening.

“The people who almost never leave the house”: (also known as “the people who sleep during the day and play games or watch random stuff on YouTube all night” or “the people who can’t get up in the morning”). These folks will actually tell you that they can’t come to the doctor before noon because they have to sleep. They appear to live their lives almost exclusively through their various devices and don’t seem to have many actual friends to meet up with. And they can never actually decide on a time and place to meet up anyway, so why bother? On the plus side, they are super fast at writing with both their thumbs.

“The people who think everyone else should care about their personal problems”. Nurse Angry assumes this needs no further explanation. They are closely  related to “the people who would rather take a pill than make the necessary changes in their life/lifestyle to regain/improve their health”.

“The helpless people”. A cold, a bad grade or getting dumped by their partner will knock them out of commission for a few months.

There are plenty of people Nurse Angry meets through work who she seriously wonders how they manage in life. Happy New Year to them, and to all the rest of you, and please: make your own appointments.

Nurse Angry is reblogging Kristina’s Krazy Adventure because Kristina is angry. Nurse Angry is equally angry.

NA started reading up on nutrition because she wanted to know why (if it really is so) people of Asian descent seem to more easily get type 2 diabetes, because her daughter was born of Indian parents. Nurse Angry is not overweight but suspects that the “healthy” low-fat vegetarian diet she was eating caused fertility issues. At this point she’s gone through a bunch of books starting with Ann Fernholm’s “My Sweet Heart” (original Swedish title is Ett sötare blood- A sweeter blood, but available in English as an e-book), and another one of hers about children and sugar, John Yudkin’s classic “Pure, White and Deadly” Robert Lustig’s “Fat Chance”, and she just recently finished Gary Taubes’ “Good Calories, Bad Calories”. Obesity, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, fertility problems, acne… the carbohydrate content of our diets seems like it’s killing us and worst is sugar and refined carbs. At this point Nurse Angry feels like we are all living in a parallel universe where government information on nutrition and a healthy diet is worthless at best and cannot be said to be based on science but more on big money, mistakes and prestige. She is convinced that what she learned about nutrition and a healthy diet in nursing school was wrong and is trying to figure out how she can help put things right again when she next switches jobs. Let her know if you have any bright ideas.

Kristina's Krazy Adventure

I have been thinking about how much I’ve learned since I started blogging and it actual amazes me the knowledge I’ve gained since January. I considered myself quite knowledgeable in the area of food and nutrition just as a person who likes to be well informed and enjoys learning. However, I have never learned so much about food and nutrition so much as I have just in the past nine months alone. I considered myself one of those people who knew what I should be doing but just wasn’t doing it. I was too lazy or my willpower just wasn’t good enough to compete with “healthy” eating. I have felt that way since the beginning of high school when I saw a doctor as they were concerned that my thyroid may be under active and that my numbers were a little bit under what was considered normal. I vividly remember…

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In Sweden there are often these little blue plastic  booties at the doctor’s office. They’re intended to keep the floor clean and many Swedes will put them on even if the weather is fine, if you just put them out in the waiting room. Shoe candy, so to speak. 

Swedish design at its best?

They may promote cleanliness, but  if you forget to take them off and go outdoors in the winter, they’re potentially deadly. Once when Nurse Angry’s mother was visiting, we saw two people walking around at a mall who had forgotten to remove their protective footwear. In that environment they weren’t dangerous, just funny. It’s also super cute to see a waiting room full of people all wearing the same booties. They’re a kind of cheap and cheery equalizer. 

But here’s the thing. Very often you put them on and you still sit in the waiting room in your personal godawful mess of a filthy puddle, which you then track into the examining room, then on to the lab, back into the examining room… etc. 

Nurse Angry has often wondered why. Could it be that they try to recycle already used ones? Little plastic bags should just do their job and keep the water and dirt on the inside, right?

Wrong.  Because this is what Nurse Angry found when she unpacked some brand spanking new ones.  Mystery solved. And she avoided writing about the election. 

Not one but TWO holes in this beauty


Aside from the fact that it is a bad photo. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Actually, there are probably quite a few things wrong with this picture, but seriously, what’s with that SIGN? The one that looks like it’s hanging by a thread.  On the filthy wall. On the building housing Fastighetskontoret- the offices in charge of real estate owned by the city. Nurse Angry is not kidding.

Take a closer look.IMG_0247

Note the nice little bit of raw concrete above the top of the sign- sign must’ve slid down a little, right? No. That is the way it’s supposed to be. Tilted.

Yes, that sign with the sickening slogan “Stockholm. The Capital of Scandinavia.” How uptight, smug and self-absorbed can a slogan be? Nurse Angry gets, well, ANGRY every time she bikes past it.
What was wrong with “Beauty on water”? It was at least true. Nurse Angry even prefers “The Venice of the North” and that’s a pretty appalling statement.

Luckily the perfect antidote is right around the corner. Nurse Angry recommends going immediately a  few hundred meters to your left to have a look at Stockholm City Hall instead. Ahhh, lovely. Thank you Ragnar Östberg!