Nurse Angry has already come out of the closet as a vegetarian but today she will reveal the fact that vegetarians sometimes get their comeuppance. Today was one of those days. What luck that NA downloaded the WordPress app so she could capture the moment and share it with you as soon as she finished her lunch. Of which she ate only half, because the other half was made up of zucchini, which is just about the only vegetable she doesn’t like (along with some of the more seriously chewy kinds of mushrooms). It is the birthright of those of us ¬†from upstate New York to be zucchini resisters, as we are exposed to allergy-causing amounts of the stuff from an early age. Nurse Angry would rather eat nuclear waste. She says: Just say no to excess zucchini!

Here’s what was left over after Nurse Angry had finished what was actually edible on her plate. If there is only a moderate amount of zucchini in a dish, NA will just eat it. But today the zucchin-o-meter registered an 8.5 on the Richter scale.

As the circumspect person she is, Nurse Angry did NOT leave the napkin note for the waiting staff to find.  Maybe next time.