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And in the end, she’s still inclined to root for Gary Taubes.  Looks to Nurse Angry like Stephan Guyenet and Yoni Freedhoff are mighty annoyed because Mr. Taubes is more intelligent (and certainly less pompous) than both of them put together, even though he’s (shame on him) not a medical doctor.

So here’s a little sugar debate to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. Don’t eat all your chocolates (or flowers) in one go if you can possible control yourself!

Nurse Angry is reblogging Kristina’s Krazy Adventure because Kristina is angry. Nurse Angry is equally angry.

NA started reading up on nutrition because she wanted to know why (if it really is so) people of Asian descent seem to more easily get type 2 diabetes, because her daughter was born of Indian parents. Nurse Angry is not overweight but suspects that the “healthy” low-fat vegetarian diet she was eating caused fertility issues. At this point she’s gone through a bunch of books starting with Ann Fernholm’s “My Sweet Heart” (original Swedish title is Ett sötare blood- A sweeter blood, but available in English as an e-book), and another one of hers about children and sugar, John Yudkin’s classic “Pure, White and Deadly” Robert Lustig’s “Fat Chance”, and she just recently finished Gary Taubes’ “Good Calories, Bad Calories”. Obesity, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, fertility problems, acne… the carbohydrate content of our diets seems like it’s killing us and worst is sugar and refined carbs. At this point Nurse Angry feels like we are all living in a parallel universe where government information on nutrition and a healthy diet is worthless at best and cannot be said to be based on science but more on big money, mistakes and prestige. She is convinced that what she learned about nutrition and a healthy diet in nursing school was wrong and is trying to figure out how she can help put things right again when she next switches jobs. Let her know if you have any bright ideas.

Kristina's Krazy Adventure

I have been thinking about how much I’ve learned since I started blogging and it actual amazes me the knowledge I’ve gained since January. I considered myself quite knowledgeable in the area of food and nutrition just as a person who likes to be well informed and enjoys learning. However, I have never learned so much about food and nutrition so much as I have just in the past nine months alone. I considered myself one of those people who knew what I should be doing but just wasn’t doing it. I was too lazy or my willpower just wasn’t good enough to compete with “healthy” eating. I have felt that way since the beginning of high school when I saw a doctor as they were concerned that my thyroid may be under active and that my numbers were a little bit under what was considered normal. I vividly remember…

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Nurse Angry has already come out of the closet as a vegetarian but today she will reveal the fact that vegetarians sometimes get their comeuppance. Today was one of those days. What luck that NA downloaded the WordPress app so she could capture the moment and share it with you as soon as she finished her lunch. Of which she ate only half, because the other half was made up of zucchini, which is just about the only vegetable she doesn’t like (along with some of the more seriously chewy kinds of mushrooms). It is the birthright of those of us  from upstate New York to be zucchini resisters, as we are exposed to allergy-causing amounts of the stuff from an early age. Nurse Angry would rather eat nuclear waste. She says: Just say no to excess zucchini!

Here’s what was left over after Nurse Angry had finished what was actually edible on her plate. If there is only a moderate amount of zucchini in a dish, NA will just eat it. But today the zucchin-o-meter registered an 8.5 on the Richter scale.

As the circumspect person she is, Nurse Angry did NOT leave the napkin note for the waiting staff to find.  Maybe next time.

Sweden is the land of strapping, healthy vikings, right? That’s what even the Swedes still want to think, but Nurse Angry has been here for 25 years and has watched the metamorphosis. People in Sweden are now, well…fat.

Nurse Angry has looked on in horror at the stupefying amounts of sugar consumed by the children around her, but she is even more distressed by how these amounts have become “normal”.  Nurse Angry turned herself into a persona non grata at school by questioning whether the kids should be given leftover cookies every afternoon. As if that wasn’t enough to make the people at the after school program despise her, she then contacted the principal. Who agreed with her(!)

Nurse Angry also wrote an email to the other  parents in her daughter’s class at one point, pointing out that it maybe wasn’t necessary for the children to eat 8-10 (or more) cookies when there’s an event at school. This missive was met with total silence. Not that she’s against the idea of being the crazed American anti-sugar parent by any means, but that subject just didn’t fly. She let it go.

Nurse Angry is currently on a literature binge that started when she was trying to understand why people of Asian origin more easily get type 2 diabetes (the insulin resistance kind). She was also trying to get a grip on the whole LCHF phenomenon. Being a vegetarian, Nurse Angry is basically not invited to the low-carb party, but as a seasoned gatecrasher, she felt like it needed some investigation.

In an attempt to excuse herself from reading the next book club book, Nurse Angry emailed her friend Nurse Nancy (the literary district nurse and accidental hemorrhoid expert), explaining that she had been plowing through books such as Ann Fernholm’s Ett sötare blod and Det sötaste vi har, Andreas Eenfeldt’s Matrevolutionen, John Yudkin’s classic Pure, White and Deadly, Robert Lustig’s Fat Chance, and most recently, Gary Taubes’ Good Calories, Bad Calories. And that the end was nowhere in sight. So Grief Is the thing with feathers (or any other work of fiction) is not on Nurse Angry’s current reading list.

Nurse Nancy wrote back: “Any bad calories  that were surprises? Some ways NOT rocket science.”

And if Nurse Angry is completely honest, she will say no, there weren’t. Not at this point. But throughout her reading spree she has gotten more than a few interesting (and some shocking) surprises, and not just about bad calories. The first couple of books were a warm-up, so to say, as it takes  a while for a new subject to become understandable on a higher level. Nurse Angry certainly knew that sugar was very bad indeed, but maybe not just how very, very bad. And the idea of carbs in general as potentially undesirable fodder for human beings was a new one on Nurse Angry. The insights gained would chill the heart of any vegetarian, and Nurse Angry is no exception (more on that in another post which will be called The Recovering Vegetarian).

Nurse Angry certainly did not realize that the dietary guidelines she learned in nursing school are basically a bunch of mumbo jumbo that was intended to prevent heart disease, but ended up just making everyone fat and miserable. That in itself is enough to turn your hair blue, but there’s more. Nurse Angry now thinks that low carb eating, which sounds like mumbo jumbo, is totally ok and does not turn people into greasy blobs of cholesterol, as cholesterol was not the problem in the first place. Does anyone else remember wondering why anyone would bother counting carbohydrates back in the 70’s and 80’s? We were counting calories, duh?  Well, now Nurse Angry has understood.

Fat-free anything and low fat/low calorie diets are so not helpful. The “eat less, move more” theory of weight loss needs to be completely canned at this point as it has caused more than its fair share of human suffering. Nurse Angry still thinks you should exercise, as it brings a wealth of health benefits. Unfortunately weight loss is not one of them.

She suggests everyone start doing some seriously selfish reading on the subject of nutrition right now, because government, the health care systems of the world, Big Pharma and the food industry don’t look like they’re going to be making changes any time soon. There’s too much money involved for some, and others are already having enough trouble winning elections without rocking the sugar boat. Once you get started reading it’s hard to stop. Seek out sources you find reliable. Or check out Nurse Angry’s new hero, nephrologist Jason Fung. Or Dr. Robert Lustig. Or Dr. Zoe Harcombe. Or Dr. Georgia Ede. Or Dr. Eric Westman. If you speak Swedish you can follow Dr. Annika Dahlqvist. Or why not Dr Andreas Eenfeldt on or

Find out more about metabolic syndrome, insulin and insulin resistance, dietary connections with Alzheimer’s, cancer and much more. It’s fascinating reading and you get to make up your own mind. Nurse Angry thinks the future looks hopeful.

…than eat the vegetarian food on offer at Skansen, the open-air museum in Stockholm

After riding the little train around Skansen, 3-year old and Nurse Angry needed lunch. Nurse Angry and 3-year old have been at Skansen many times recently because thanks to grandma and grandpa they have a season’s pass (1 year for 450 kr, that’s a lot of moose poop for your money). So Nurse Angry had already eyeballed the menu at Skansen Terrassen and found this promising dish:

Grilled Mediterranean cheese with bulgur salad and grilled vegetables, served with lemon & honey yoghurt 

Sounds good, right? Nurse Angry would now like you to make a mental picture of this in your head. The tender, melt-in-your-mouth cheese with a crisp, newly grilled surface, the warm bulgur salad decked with colorful, flavorful and healthy veggies glistening with olive oil, the creamy dollop of yoghurt sauce…mmmmm!

Think again, because this is what was handed to her:

Where's the garbage can? Oh wait, I paid over 100 crowns for this and I'm really hungry.

There was a cold, stiff piece of cheese. It tasted like Velveeta, which Nurse Angry could have forgiven had it not required a steak knife to cut. It made the term rigor mortis come to life for Nurse Angry. The pile of bulgur tasted as bulgur usually does, but it was cold and Nurse Angry counted 2 pieces of onion and 3 pieces of bell pepper. The puddle of sauce was not attractive but was at least tasty in a vaguely dish-detergent way. The pea shoots were the only real bit of color.

Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers. And 3-year old loved her meatballs with potatoes, sauce and lingonberry jam. So it wasn’t a total washout. Unfortunately, they had to move inside after being visited repeatedly by hungry wasps attracted by this elegant smorgasbord. Nurse Angry did a GREAT job of pretending NOT to be scared of the wasps!

So, for tourists (vegetarians and carnivores alike) in the Skansen area Nurse Angry recommends 2 favorites and a reluctant third alternative. All with gardens:

Blå Porten

Flickorna Helin Voltaire

If you have a BIG, wide-open wallet with money just bursting out and a not-too-large appetite, this old standard is still going strong

Rosendals Trädgårds Kafé

Recently at Rosendal Nurse Angry’s significant other ate a chicken dish that he could not praise too highly. If you knew how much chicken in various forms this person consumes in a year you would understand that it was seriously tasty. And if you were a chicken, you would run for your life.